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①、Patented double polymer ceramic plate structure of main air valve and reversing valve, long service life of diaphragm pump, more reliable;
②、Modular design of main air valve and air motor, no dead point, easy to install, easy to disassemble and easy to maintain;
③、There is no ice at the silencer of the pump, and the improved design of the super large exhaust chamber enables the compressed air to be discharged smoothly;
④、Large flow. All cavities are modified to maximize flow;
⑤、Low gas consumption. To optimize the design of the gas path, in order to achieve smooth gas path and maximum efficiency;
The pump is small in volume, light in weight and easy to move;
After optimization design, the number of parts is less than that of any pneumatic diaphragm pump, which is convenient for maintenance;
The whole sealing structure is optimized to solve the leakage problem inside and outside the pump;
This pump has the ability of ultra-low pressure start (1.5kg pressure can start).

Parámetro técnico

Calibre (pulgada)
Material de la carcasa
Asiento de válvula
Bola de diafragma/válvula
Fiow/hora (m³/h)
A25CI-PTT-A1Acero fundidoPPTeflón/PTFE8.1
A25CI-P99-A1Acero fundidoPPSantoprene8.1
A25SS-STT-A1316#Acero inoxidable316#Acero inoxidableTeflón/PTFE8.1
A25SS-S99-A1316#Acero inoxidable316#Acero inoxidableSantoprene8.1
A25AL-PTT-A(T)1Aleación de aluminio (cerámica)PPTeflón/PTFE8.1
A25AL-P99-A(T)1Aleación de aluminio (cerámica)PPSantoprene8.1
A25AL-PTT-A1Aleación de aluminioPPTeflón/PTFE8.1
A25AL-PGG-A1Aleación de aluminioPPSantoprene8.1
A25AL-P99-A1Aleación de aluminioPPSantoprene19.8
A40CI-PTT-A11/2Acero fundidoPPTeflón/PTFE19.8
A40CI-P99-A11/2Acero fundidoPPSantoprene19.8
A40SS-STT-A11/2316#Acero inoxidable316#Acero inoxidableTeflón/PTFE19.8
A40SS-S99-A11/2316#Acero inoxidable316#Acero inoxidableSantoprene19.8
A40AL-PTT-A(T)11/2Aleación de aluminio (cerámica)PPTeflón/PTFE19.8
A40AL-P99-A(T)11/2Aleación de aluminio (cerámica)PPSantoprene19.8
A40AL-PTT-A11/2Aleación de aluminioPPTeflón/PTFE19.8
A40AL-P99-A11/2Aleación de aluminioPPSantoprene19.8
A50CI-P99-A2Acero fundidoPPSantoprene36
A50CI-PTT-A2Acero fundidoPPTeflón/PTFE36
A50AI-P99-A2Aleación de aluminioPPSantoprene36
A50AI-PTT-A2Aleación de aluminioPPTeflón/PTFE36
A50SS-STT-A2316#Acero inoxidable316#Acero inoxidableTeflón/PTFE36
A50SS-S99-A2316#Acero inoxidable316#Acero inoxidableSantoprene36
A80AL-PTT-A3Aleación de aluminioPPTeflón/PTFE52.8
A80AL-P99-A3Aleación de aluminioPPSantoprene52.8