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Wokinget has been committed to Solid-liquid separation for decades, specializing in industrial wastewater treatment and recycling

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Filter Press Machine Slurry is a liquid that is produced by the grinding of raw materials. The process of removing water from slurry is called dewatering. When it comes to dewatering, filter press machine can be an excellent choice. With such machine, you can remove the water from slurry at a much higher rate and better quality than other methods like pressing and squeezing.

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We have a professional and experienced engineering &technical team. At present, the company has several independent R &D patents, products and services have covered all provinces and cities in China, and exported to Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, India, Venezuela, Nigeria, Pakistan, the United States, and other countries and regions.

Automatic filter press is a machine that uses pressure to filter liquid or gas through a series of plates.

It is composed of a support structure holding a series of filter plates lined with filter cloths. The liquid or gas is forced from one plate to the next by increasing the pressure on it, which causes the liquid or gas to pass through the filters.

A high filter press price slurry pump forces slurry into the empty chamber spaces between the plates for dewatering. This is done by using a series of filters to remove solids from the water. The fluid then passes through a final filter which removes any remaining solids, and is then ready to be discharged.


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