Belt Filter Press

Belt Filter Press

Belt press filter is a new type of continuous solid-liquid separation equipment. After flocculation, gravity dehydration, low-pressure dehydration and high-pressure dehydration, the sludge cake runs with the filter belt and the discharged material falls. Compared with other types of filters, it has the characteristics of continuous operation, large output, simple structure, high efficiency, low noise and low energy consumption.

Applicable to: ceramic, metallurgical, coal washing, textile printing and dyeing, urban sewage, paper, petrochemical, leather, brewing, food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical electroplating and other industries.

Working principle

  • For sludge dewatering which needs a pre-flocculation: After mixing with the prepared flocculation in the dynamic and static mixer, the small particles of solids in the concentrated sludge would form a bigger size of flocculated sludge and the free water is separated.
  • Flocculated sludge is conveyed to the belt then it further goes to the gravity dewatering area. Under gravity, free water would fall on the tray, and the rest sludge would be nipped between two belts.
  • Then it would further go to the wedge zone for pre-filtration, and then to the low-pressure zone and high-pressure zone through the decreasing diameter rolls. Under the extrusion and shearing force, the solid and liquid are separated. Finally, filter cake with expected low moisture content is discharged.

Main components




TypeBelt Width (mm)Throughput (m3/h)Thickener (kw)Main driver (kw)DimensionWeight(t)
According to the specific sludge capacity requirement, the width of machine can be chosen from 1000mm-3000mm(The choice of thickening belt and filter belt would vary/according to different types of sludge). Stainless steel of belt filter press is also available. It’s our pleasure to offer the most suitable and most economic effective proposal for you according to your project!



Heavy mining type
HDG type
Environmental protection type

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