YB Series Hydraulic Drive-pump

YB series hydraulic drive pump is applicable to the transportation of ceramic slurry, coal water slurry kaolin and non-metallic mineral suspension, as well as the transportation of food suspension, chemical slurry, electronic and magnetic materials. In recent years, it has been widely used in the metallurgical powder beneficiation industry of sewage treatment industry.


①、It can transport suspension with solid content concentration greater than 70%, but the solid particles shall be less than 1.3mm;
②、Double drive and double action, large flow and high lift;
③、Stable operation and strong long-term continuous operation reliability;
④、The noise is small, the pressure fluctuation is small, and the pressure regulating range is large;
⑤、It is suitable for the transportation of ceramic slurry, coal water slurry kaolin and non-metallic mineral suspension, as well as food suspension, chemical slurry, electronic and magnetic materials. It has been widely used in sewage treatment industry and metallurgical powder dressing industry this year.

Working principle

The plunger pump is an important device of the hydraulic system. It relies on the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder block to change the volume of the sealing working chamber to achieve oil absorption and pressure. With the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation, plunger pump are widely used in high pressure, large flow and flow regulation occasions, such as hydraulic press, engineering machinery and ships.
A plunger pump is a kind of reciprocating pump, which belongs to a volume pump. Its plunger is driven by the eccentric rotation of the pump shaft, reciprocating movement. Its suction and discharge valves are check valves. When the plug is pulled out, the pressure in the chamber decreases, and the outlet valve is closed. When the plug is lower than the inlet pressure, the inlet valve opens and the liquid enters. When the plunger is pushed in, the chamber pressure increases, and the inlet valve closes. When the plug is higher than the outlet pressure, the outlet valve opens and the liquid is discharged. When the transmission shaft drives the cylinder block to rotate, the swashplate pulls out or pushes the plunger from the cylinder block to complete the oil suction and drainage process. The oil in the working chamber composed of the plunger and the cylinder hole is respectively communicated with the oil suction and discharge cavities of the pump through the oil distribution plate. The variable mechanism is used to change the inclination of the swashplate. The displacement of the pump can be changed by adjusting the inclination of the swashplate.

Technical parameter

Shell material
Valve seat
Diaphragm/valve ball
A25CI-PTT-A1Cast steelPPTeflon/PTFE8.1
A25CI-P99-A1Cast steelPPSantoprene8.1
A25SS-STT-A1316#Stainless steel316#Stainless steelTeflon/PTFE8.1
A25SS-S99-A1316#Stainless steel316#Stainless steelSantoprene8.1
A25AL-PTT-A(T)1Aluminum alloy(Ceramic)PPTeflon/PTFE8.1
A25AL-P99-A(T)1Aluminum alloy(Ceramic)PPSantoprene8.1
A25AL-PTT-A1Aluminum alloyPPTeflon/PTFE8.1
A25AL-PGG-A1Aluminum alloyPPSantoprene8.1
A25AL-P99-A1Aluminum alloyPPSantoprene19.8
A40CI-PTT-A11/2Cast steelPPTeflon/PTFE19.8
A40CI-P99-A11/2Cast steelPPSantoprene19.8
A40SS-STT-A11/2316#Stainless steel316#Stainless steelTeflon/PTFE19.8
A40SS-S99-A11/2316#Stainless steel316#Stainless steelSantoprene19.8
A40AL-PTT-A(T)11/2Aluminum alloy(Ceramic)PPTeflon/PTFE19.8
A40AL-P99-A(T)11/2Aluminum alloy(Ceramic)PPSantoprene19.8
A40AL-PTT-A11/2Aluminum alloyPPTeflon/PTFE19.8
A40AL-P99-A11/2Aluminum alloyPPSantoprene19.8
A50CI-P99-A2Cast steelPPSantoprene36
A50CI-PTT-A2Cast steelPPTeflon/PTFE36
A50AI-P99-A2Aluminum alloyPPSantoprene36
A50AI-PTT-A2Aluminum alloyPPTeflon/PTFE36
A50SS-STT-A2316#Stainless steel316#Stainless steelTeflon/PTFE36
A50SS-S99-A2316#Stainless steel316#Stainless steelSantoprene36
A80AL-PTT-A3Aluminum alloyPPTeflon/PTFE52.8
A80AL-P99-A3Aluminum alloyPPSantoprene52.8