Ceramic wastewater recycling

Ceramics Industry use & consume large amount of water in its productions in the processes like Polishing, Glazing, Molds washing, Ball Mill preparation etc. The wastewater or mud coming out from these ceramic processes contains mainly fine particles, some coarse particles and chemicals including suspended & dissolved heavy metals like zinc & lead.

Efficient disposal of this wastewater or mud has become more & more important for the ceramic industries due to the increasing cost of its disposal & stringent environment regulations being implemented globally.

Treatment of ceramic tile and sanitary ware industry wastewater includes steps:

  • Flow and load equalization with pH adjustment
  • Primary treatment such as screening and primary sedimentation for removal of solid particles
  • Chemical coagulation process for removal of total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Final sedimentation for suspended solids reduction by using settling basins or clarifiers
  • Multimedia filtration for non settleable suspended solids reduction
  • Dewatering and disposal of wastewater sludge
  • And further treatment such as membrane filtration for removal of metals