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Filter Presses Manufactured by Woking

We offer a broad array of filter press sizes to meet your needs. From our large 2000mm down to 200mm Lab filter press.

The filter press can be also equipped with automatic cloths washing device, drip tray, shaking system, etc.

Together with the filter press, We can supply the complete filter press dewatering plant including the thickener and all the necessary ancillaries for the plant-like feeding pump, compressors, conveyor, and even special chemical-resistant paint.

Every piece of machinery we provide is aimed at providing you with sustainable productivity.

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How the Membrane Filter Press Works?

  1. Drive the oil cylinder to press the filter plate, forming a sealed filtration chamber with the liquid outlet closed.
  2. Start the feeding pump to filter the slurry and form a filter cake, with the filtered liquid discharged through the water outlet.
  3. Activate the squeezing motor to inject high-pressure water into the diaphragm plate for secondary dewatering.
  4. Empty the squeezing water, blow excess liquid out of the filter chamber with high-pressure gas, and lower the filter cake’s water content.
  5. Open the liquid outlet and run the plate motor to remove the filter cake, which falls into the sludge tank automatically.
  6. After the plate is pulled, reset the plate car and wait for the next filtration process


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