Sludge sucker

Sludge Sucker uses a high pressure water stream (1000-3000 PSI) to suck the sludge off the bottom of pits or tanks and eject it through a 1″ (13′ long) hose to a disposal tank. The base unit attaches to the end of a pressure washer lance with a quick coupler for extension to the bottom of the pit. Uses a 1/4″ tip for suction/power ejection.

Uses standard 1/4″ MPT nozzle easy to change for different plumbing system flows and pressure.The sludge sucker uses the pressure from the machine to create a suction effect for the pumping out of any body of water. The maximum outlet hose length, that can be used, is 6m. It is a very cheap alternative for pumping volumes of water or liquid matter up to 16000 L per hour. Due to the nature of the mechanism of suction it can be used to suck practically any type of liquid and has no working parts that require maintenance. It can also be used to refill a mobile tank that supplies the pressure cleaner from a source such as a reservoir or dam.


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