Wastewater Treatment Systems

Silo Type Wastewater Treatment System

The whole system adopts automatic intelligent control, with less maintenance personnel and low labor intensity. The use of closed pipeline connection ensures a clean and tidy site environment and is suitable for enterprises of all sizes. The system integrates sedimentation, concentration, filter pressing and deslagging, has complete functions, advanced technology and good treatment effect, and is the preferred product for stone and ceramic factories.

Small area required, closed system, clean & safe, lower energy cost, full automatic control system, lower labor cost and better recycling water quality.

Applications: ceramics industry, stone industry, glass industry, mining & minerals industry, coal washing, sand washing, etc.

The new system compares with the traditional type waste water treatment system, it has the advantages as follows:

  •  It simplifies the process, saves the cost of the system construction.
  • Full automatic control with PLC, save the chemical, manpower and other operating cost.
  • lt saves the por and cost. matched with the environmental concept itself, meanwhile it is satisfied the users’ requirements of environmental needs and lower cost.
  • Less land requirement.

Technical Process

  • Wastewater generated from stone calibrating and polishing machines will be drained or pumped to the wastewater sump, and then pumped into the silo by the centrifugal slurry pump.
  • the chemical dosing machine will make up the preparation with tap water in a certain proportion, which will be injected into the wastewater pipeline with rations by the metering pump, and sent to the silos together with the wastewater.
  • Wastewater inside the silo will be polymerized and settled under the flocculation action of the solution. Suspensions are separated inside the silo, with clean water in the upper part and turbid in the lower part.
  • The clean water in the upper part will overflow to the clean water silo or clear water sump, and the foul water (mud) will be discharged to the sludge pool(mud tank) intermittently. Foul water at the bottom of the clean water silo will be discharged to the sludge tank once for a comparatively long time.
  • Sludge inside the sludge tank will be mixed thoroughly and then pumped by the sludge(mud) pump to the filter press for filtration. Dry filter cakes are formed inside various filter chambers of the filter press and will be delivered out and buried.
  • Clean water filtered by the filter press and discharged from the upper part of the clean water silo will flow to the reservoir for reuse.