Wastewater Treatment Systems

Compact Water Recycling Plant

Suitable for stone, concrete and glass industries. The compact plants provide customers with complete turnkey plants that are easy to assemble and operate. Processing capacities range from 100 l/min to 750 l/min. These plants are fully automated, they can recover up to 98% of the water and comply with environmental regulations.

Main features

  • Vertical flow silo processing system with flocculated sedimentation and filter press to have better purification affection and complete solution.
  • Automatic electrical control processing unit
  • High quality equipment and control element with dependable property (Omron brand level sensor, Schneider etc brand electrics)
  • Flexible and compact composite structure.
  • No headache of slurry treatment.
  • Receive high quality recycling water for reuse.
  • Save water and save cost for maintenance and labor.
  • Extending working life of abrasives .
  • Fully clean treatment effect, good social and environmental benefit, perfectly meet environmental regulation

Equipment list

  • wastewater pump
  • Wastewater silo
  • Clean water tank
  • Chemical agitator
  • Chemical dosing pump
  • Pneumatic pump
  • Filter press machine 
  •  Slurry tank 
  • Filter cake storage tank 
  • Electrical control cabinet 
  • Clean water pump


WK/2200-WTP22004500WK 500/6