How to Import Filter Press From China

If you don’t understand the complete shipping process, buying a filter press machine from China can be a headache.
The article offers a step-by-step shipping guide for what to do at each stage of the shipping process to avoid potential hassles once your filter press machines are ready for dispatch.
There are 23 steps in the shipping process.
Let’s go over each of them together:

Step 1
Identify Needs

Importer:Identify needs and expectation for a desired filter press machine

Step 2Place Order

Importer: Fix the contract of sales & Order goods from the most preferred filter press machine supplier

Step 3Arrange Down Payments

Importer:Make a down payment to the filter press machine supplier (exporter) to prepare for production

Step 4Arrange Production

ExporterManufacturing of filter press machine begins

Timeline:30-120 days prior to estimate date of shipping

NoteLead times on filter press machine orders can run as short as 10 days to as  long as 40 days depends on the function demand & supply.

Step 5Book Shipping Space

ExporterReserve shipping space in the vessel for shipment and get a shipping order (SO)or Booking Confirmation from shipping company. (Shipping order mentions Booking No.; BL No.; Vessel Name; Port of loading; Port of Discharge; ETA; ETD; Cut-off time etc.)

Timeline10-20 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 6Pre-shipment Inspection

ImporterArrange for pre-shipment inspection and quality check on ordered filter press machines

Timeline12-15 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 7Arrange Balance Payment

Importer:Make balance payment to filter press machine exporter based on agreed payment terms to exporters to arrange shipment

Timeline7-10 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 8Pre-shipment Seaworthy Packing

ExporterArrange for packaging, labeling, and marking of filter press machines as per standard shipping practices

Timeline6-8 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 9Arrange container pickup

Exporter/Freight ForwarderPick up delivery order (DO) for container from shipping line and arranges for container pickup, stuffying and sealing. (Container No.; Seal No.will be informed. )

Timeline8 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 10Export Haulage


(option 1) Arrange carrier (containers)to pick up filter press machines with seaworthy packing (video link) at the supplier’s premises

(option 2) Transfer filter press machines (by means of truck) to forwarder’s origin warehouse for container loading at the port of loading (typically it takes 2-3 days depending on the distance and geography) before cut-off date>

Timeline5-7 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 11Load Container

ExporterArrange container loading of ready machines at exporter’s warehouse.

Timeline4-6 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 12Prepare Shipping Documents

Exporter:Prepare shipping documents (Bill of Lading, Packing List, Commercial Invoice) and arranges documents check (check particularly goods description; HS Code, consignee/ notify party info) by sending drafted copy to importer for confirmation before submitting to custom of origin port.

Timeline3-4 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 13Export Custom Declaration

Exporter/Freight Forwarder

Submit a declaration detailing the cargo and supporting documents to China Custom.

Timeline3-4 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 14Custom cleared

China Custom:China Custom Releases containers after documents check and custom inspections

Timeline:2-3 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 15Apply for CO

ExporterApply for Certificate of Origin issued by the Custom and send drafted copy to importer for confirmation before issuing final copy

Timeline1-2 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 16Containers on Board

Port Dock WorkersLoad the port on scheduled ship. At the port, the container is stacked together with other containers intended to load on the same ship, and finally loaded when the ship is ready at the port.

Timeline:0-1 days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 17Ship takes off

Ship departures from Port of loading

Date of Shipping

Notes: chances are big that shipping could delay for 1-7 days at some point that will be completely beyond importer & exporter’s control Reasons for Shipping Delay: bad weather condition, port congestion, custom inspection

Step 18Courier Shipping Documents

ExporterGet the original Bill of Lading (BL) and Certificate of Origin (CO) from shipping line and other documents (Packing List, Commercial Invoice; Certificate of Analysis; Measurement List; Catalogue etc.courier hard copies to importer/consignee (3-5 working days after the ship takes off )

Timeline3-7 working days prior to estimate date of shipping

Step 19Arrival of Goods

filter press machines arrive at the port of destination of importer’s country

Timeline5-50 days after estimate date of shipping

Transportation time Depends on direct or indirect shipping,  shipping lines, Port of destination.

Step 20Import Custom Clearance

Importer/Freight forwarder

Present the shipping documents to the customs at the Port of Destination for import clearance

Timeline2-4 days after estimate date of arrival

Step 21:Receive Containers

ImporterTake custody of the shipment

Timeline:2-4 days after estimate date of arrival

Step 22:Import Haulage

ImporterArrange for transportation of filter press machines to final destination

Timeline4-7 days after estimate date of arrival

Step 23:Unload Containers & Receive goods

ImporterArranges unloading of the container & hands over empty container at appointed yard of the shipping line

Timeline5-10 days after estimate date of arrival


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