Filter Press Cloth

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Filter press cloth normally include 4 types, polyester(terylene/PET), polypropylene (PP), chinlon (polyamide/nylon) and vinylon. Especially the PET and PP materials are very popularly used. Plate frame filter press filter cloth is used for solid-liquid separation, so it has higher requirement on-resistance performance to both acid and alkali, and sometimes might on the temperature, etc…

Polyester/PET Filter Press Cloth

Polyester Filter Cloth can be divided into PET staple fabrics, PET long thread fabrics and PET monofilament, these products possess the properties of strong acid- resistance, fair alkali- resistance and operating temperature is 130 centigrade degrees. They can be widely used in pharmaceutical, non-ferry melting, chemical industries for the equipment of frame filter presses, centrifuge filters, vacuum filters etc. the filtering precision can reach less than 5microns.

Polypropylene/PP Filter Press Cloth

Polypropylene filter cloth possesses the properties of acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, small specific gravity, the melting point 142-140centigrade degree, and operating temperature maximum 90 centigrade degree. They are mainly used in precision chemicals, dye chemical, sugar, pharmaceutical, alumina industry for the equipment of frame filter presses, belt filters, blend belt filters, disc filters, drum filters ect. The filter precision can reach less than 1 micron.

What we can offer :

1.We can customize filter cloth according to your needs, say, cable ties, velcro, buttonhole.
2.Various filter cloths: plate frame filter cloth, recessed filter cloth, membrane filter cloth, CGR filter cloth, high temperature filter cloth, anti-wear filter cloth etc…
3.Or you can express samples directly.

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