Maintenance of filter press

The maintenance is essential to the operation of filter press, and it is required to lubricate and service mating parts and transmission parts; in particular, the accuracy and reliability of feedback signal positions (electric contact pressure gauge and travel switch etc.) of auto-ontrol system and hydraulic system parts must be guaranteed, to ensure the normal operation. For this purpose, following requirements must be met:

1) Check whether various connections are secured firmly and whether various parts function properly at any time; if any abnormality is found, the service personnel shall be informed thereof immediately.

2) Perform regular checks against plate pulling trolley, sprocket chain, bearing, piston rod and other parts, keep all mating parts clean and well-lubricated to ensure the flexible movement, and adjust the synchronization of pulling trolley and the sag of chain if necessary.

3) Perform regular insulation and reliability tests against the electric control system; if any working inaccuracy or inflexibility caused by electric elements is found, such elements must be repaired or replaced immediately as appropriate.

4) Servicing hydraulic system primarily comprises the inspection and maintenance of sealing performance of hydraulic elements and joints.

5) Frequently check the sealing surface of filtering plate to ensure its smoothness and cleanness. Before pressing operation, carefully check the filtration fabric, making sure that no folding, damage or slag patch is presented and the cloth is flat and intact, to obtain good filtering efficiency; meanwhile, frequently wash the cloth to ensure its filtering performance.

6) Where the machine is not to be used for long, clean the filtering plates, arrange them on the filter press frame in order and press them with a pressure of 1-5MPa; clean and dry the filtration fabric, and apply grease onto exposed parts of the piston.

7) The HM46 or HM68 hydraulic oil must be applied and kept clean. For a new machine, the hydraulic oil shall be renewed after the first week. To renew the oil, fully discharge the oil from the oil tank and cylinder. One month later, replace the oil again, and the subsequent replacements shall be done every half year, with the purpose to ensure the normal operation of the filter press.

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