Filter Press

Fast Open Filter Press

Applications: Filter press is suitable for almost all types of slurry, such as: ceramics industry, stone industry, glass industry, mining & minerals industry, coal washing, sand washing, pull&paper industry, food industry, chemical & pharmacy industry, electroplating industry, textile& dyeing, leather industry, municipal slurry etc.

  1. Simple structure,high production efficiency,stable and reliable operation,low maintenance cost;
  2. This machine has wide applicability It’s Wide adjustable range in inlet quantity, discharge clearance, pull plate tension, pull plate speed and other aspects, and can produce any specification(chamber or membrane) of 630mm~1250mm, which is almost the same as the ordinary automatic filter press with the same filtering area.
  3. Carefully designed in pneumatic shaking function, to solve the sticky mud on filter cloth it is not easy to clean.
  4. Rapid filtration and one-time discharging of pull plate can shorten the process time, increase the production capacity of single machine by 1-1.5 times compared with the ordinary filter press, reduce labor cost and greatly improve users’ economic benefits.
Plate Size(mm)Thickness Of Filter plate(mm)Working pressure(Mpa)Motor Power(kw)Chanbers NO.Thickness Of Fiter Cake(mm)Totd Volume(l)The center distance(mm)External dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)