What Is The Advantage Of Membrane Filter Press

Hello everyone, this is Achilles from Woking company. Today I will introduce membrane filter press to all of you. This machine is very common and widely used in lots of industries, such as mining, municipal plant, chemical plant, and other industry which require lower moisture of slurry cake.

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Advantage Of Membrane Filter Press”

  1. Angel Fernández Pérez

    Dear Sirs.
    We are an industrial wastewater treatment engineering company and we need to collaborate with a manufacturer of filter presses.
    We have several questions:
    1.-For the same treatment capacity, what is the price ratio between a normal filter press and a membrane filter press?
    2.- When the cake is sticky, does the membrane filter press improve the cake discharge completely?
    3.- What type of cloth material is more indicated to eliminate or at least diminish the sticky effect?
    Thank you in advance and I send you my best regards,

    1. 1.The membrane filter press is more expensive, with a ratio of about 1:1.8
      2.It could get a lower moiture of slurry cake, good solution for sticky sludge.

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