Why won’t my filter press build a good filter cake?

If your filter press is not building a good filter cake, there may be several potential causes. Some possible reasons for this problem include:

  • Insufficient feed pump pressure: The feed pump may not be providing sufficient pressure to force the material through the filter cloth and build a good filter cake. This can be caused by a malfunctioning feed pump, a clogged feed line, or a filter cloth with too high a resistance to flow.
  • Insufficient filtration time: The filtration time may not be long enough to allow the filter press to build a good filter cake. This can be caused by a short filtration cycle, a high flow rate of material, or a filter cloth with low filtration efficiency.
  • Improper filter press settings: The filter press settings may not be optimized for building a good filter cake. This can include factors such as the feed pump pressure, the filtration time, and the amount of slurry in the filter press.
  • Incompatible materials: The material being filtered may not be compatible with the filter press or the filter cloth, leading to poor filter cake formation. This can be caused by factors such as high levels of abrasive particles, high temperatures, or chemical reactions with the filter cloth.
  • Dirty filter cloths:When filter cloths become dirty, they can become clogged with particles, debris, and other contaminants, which can reduce their ability to effectively filter the material.

To troubleshoot this problem, it may be helpful to consult with us to determine the cause of the poor filter cake formation and develop a solution. This may involve adjusting the filter press settings, using a different filter cloth, or modifying the filtration process.

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